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Monday, September 7, 2009

Taz and Daffy

The other night I was asking the kids who their favorite Disney characters are. Cameron said his favorite is Daffy Duck. Princess could not remember who Daffy is so we went to Google and pulled up his image to refresh her memory. While we googled Daffy, images of Porky the pig and Taz, of course, came up. The kids wanted me to Google the Tasmanian Devil so they could see what a real one looks like. Well, that started us on an whole new journey of discovery so to speak.

The images came up and Princess said "Mom, Mom click on that one!". I did and up comes a picture of a Tasmanian Devil with really big testicles. We are all crowded around my computer looking at this picture, when Princess exclaims, "OMGosh mom look at it's Balls!!!" and then Cameron breaks out into song - "I like big balls and I cannot lie!"

I was overcome with laughter and a sense of embarrassment that my kids would say those things! LOL!