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Pumpkin Patch Pictures!

Pumpkin Patch Pictures!

About Us

Hello bloggy friends, readers and stalkers! :)

My name is Leanne, I'm 35yrs young, in love with my High School sweetie and the mother of four crazy kiddos. We are a blended family which tends to make things interesting, but we try to face it all with some humor! We are a family just trying to make it in this chaotic universe we call home! :)

The Players:
Let's start with me. I go by many different names, Leanne, Mom, Phoenix and sometimes “Hey Lady!” lol Then there is Jeremy, aka Hammerhawk or daddy. He is my High School sweetheart and the love of my life!
Our oldest, who would like to be called Bigfoot, (our budding Chef) is now Fifteen!
Princess (the logical one) is our second born, she is Twelve.
Spunky (and let me tell you that name suits her!) is the third born, she is Ten.
Last, but certainly not least, is T-man (the Bub) he is Eight and WAY to smart for his own good. :)