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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spunkmeister's birthday and a bit more!

So on to better things Spunkmeister's birthday was wonderful! It was of course just us family, but she was really happy with everything! She got a Tinkerbell outfit from dad(she is WAY into dress up clothes) and a bunch of other dress up stuff I don't think it could have been better as far as presents were concerned! lol

Her official birthday party will be in the second weekend in Sept and she is really excited. I cannot believe that she is already 5yrs old, I mean did I fall asleep during this period of time? Maybe it is because she is my youngest, but I cannot fathom that this much time has passed!

School starts Monday and OMG I will have a Kinder, a first grader and a 5th grader! I just cannot seem to grasp that we are on the path to growing up! I was so excited last year that I had all out of the house and into school, now I am freaking out because they will all be in school full time this year! I have no idea what I want it's almost funny when your mommy brain and your rational brain are fighting!

Random thoughts at 2:45am

Late night blogging! So random thoughts cause I cannot sleep don't mind me I don't usually make sense. So school starts on Monday and I cannot tell you how excited I am, I almost feel like a bad parent I am so excited! Life is nuts, nuts I tell you nothing appears to be slowing down in fact things are getting worse someone plz tell me there is a light at the end of this tunnel!!! Birthdays birthdays all at once it seems this time of year you almost need a second job to keep up! lol

Anyone hear the new Ozzy song "Lay your world on me" if not it rocks! lol I told you I was random!! I really really need to be in bed and here I am writing a blog jeezzzz!

The boy had one of his good friends spend the night last night and OMG I don't understand my son! He is so antisocial I do not get why he spent a good portion of his time in front of the TV rather than playing with his friend! I am thinking as I type this that I should have turned off the TV, but at the time I was just so irritated. UGH this age is driving me nuts I have to tell you!!

School school UGH I hate school and yes I know that once I am done with this things will be better, but OMG it is killing me already! I think I may have ADD or maybe mommy brain idk, but whatever it is.................is not helping my over all life!

Well it is almost 3am and I am still not tired I have no idea what to do to make myself fall asleep I NEVER have this problem! I have a bunch to do tomorrow it is just sad.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Things that make you go hummmmmm

I am so defeated I truly am just so defeated! WTF I am seriously sitting here thinking WTF did you do? Why? Please tell me why you would do that too me? I don't understand how I deserve that! OMFG I am sooo freaking pissed right now I can hardly stand myself!!!! A bunch of lies all a bunch of lies! My stomach hurts I think I may be sick god this sucks!

Monday, August 6, 2007

WOOHOO the boy is home and a rant!

WOOHOO My baby is back!! The boy got home from Cam's yesterday and I am soooooo happy! He has been gone since June 3rd and let me tell you 2 months is way too fucking long to be without your kid! I guess I better get over it cause this is the way it will be every summer for awhile, thank god I only have to do this for 8 more years!

Ok and will someone explain to me why it is that his father cannot pay child support, but the boy can come home with brand new Michael Jordan tennis shoes, a build a bear, a bunch of new clothes(nice ones not walmart) and 20lbs heavier. I mean WTF did they never leave the house this summer and let him eat anything he wanted? I am glad he got to do cool things and eat what he wanted, but if I could only get a portion of that $ sent to me than we could maybe have half the same lifestyle! Ok I am just pissy, but god help me to understand how he can be 3+months behind on child support when he makes over $50,000 dollars a year. I am confused and not a happy camper.

OMG the child weighs 96lbs now and he is 2inches taller than he was when he left. He was standing to my shoulder, he is now above my shoulder and working on being taller than me at 10yrs old! lol

EDITED TO ADD! The subject title contains the word the rant meaning it is a rant and not necessarily the way I would normally feel(depends actually), but the point is that sometimes one needs to vent without others getting all pissy about it! I am not gonna hide behind a private profile just cause others cannot understand venting! If you do not like it don't read it! Thank you I needed to get that out!