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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spunkmeister's birthday and a bit more!

So on to better things Spunkmeister's birthday was wonderful! It was of course just us family, but she was really happy with everything! She got a Tinkerbell outfit from dad(she is WAY into dress up clothes) and a bunch of other dress up stuff I don't think it could have been better as far as presents were concerned! lol

Her official birthday party will be in the second weekend in Sept and she is really excited. I cannot believe that she is already 5yrs old, I mean did I fall asleep during this period of time? Maybe it is because she is my youngest, but I cannot fathom that this much time has passed!

School starts Monday and OMG I will have a Kinder, a first grader and a 5th grader! I just cannot seem to grasp that we are on the path to growing up! I was so excited last year that I had all out of the house and into school, now I am freaking out because they will all be in school full time this year! I have no idea what I want it's almost funny when your mommy brain and your rational brain are fighting!