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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday 5

The topic for this week's Friday 5 is "Getting to Know You"

1. What are the titles of the last three books you read all of?
LOL! There is no telling, I do not remember the last book I finished!

2. What are the titles of between three and five magazines you subscribe to or used to subscribe to?
Wmagazine, People, Parenting Magazine

3. What’s on your night table?
Candles, alarm clock, phone, a few empty soda cans....

4. What are the three best things that happened to you in the past seven days?
1)Our electricity and gas were not shut off Friday
2)Princess had an AWESOME birthday
3) I have an interview for a job next week, finally!!!

5. What was your senior yearbook quote, and what would your yearbook quote be this year if there were such a thing?
I did not have one then.......now I would go with,
"Success will not lower its standard to us. We must raise our standard to success."

-Rev. Randall R. McBride, Jr.

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1 comment:

  1. Great answers! My hubby has lots o' soda cans on his side of the bed! LOL! Have a great weekend!