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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Possum in the tree!

OMFG he is outside killing a possum in the tree in our backyard!! Our cats have been getting these wounds, but we never hear any cats fighting plus they all really get along well the cats in our area that is lol so we started to think something was up. So tonight Jeremy is outside on the back porch smoking a cigarette like he always does when suddenly he runs inside all excited saying "There is a possum on the porch, where are my shoes I am gonna kill it! I think that is what has been terrorizing the cats!"

Of course my reaction is with what! How are you gonna kill it? He says my with my sword as he grabs his huge broad sword and pocket knife! LOL I do not condone animal killing actually quite the opposite but thought it quite funny how protective he is over the cats and the way he reacted! As he runs out the back door to attack a possum!! Well he did not actually kill the possum or at least we do not think so, but he says he stabbed it off the fence and it ran away! Jezzzzzzz men and their testosterone!!! LOL!

1 comment:

  1. With a sword? LOL. That is funny! Maybe he scared it enough that it won't come back .

    Hey, your security code that I have to type in today is "sessesse"