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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Poodle Skirt!

Tonight I started the process of making Princess a Poodle Skirt for her school's 50's day on Tuesday. You would think that starting two days in advance would be enough time to get it done right? lol Mom(Grandma) and I got the skirt cut out and all ready then I realized I forgot to buy hot pink thread! I did not even think about it!!!

So I have a list of things to get at the fabric store tomorrow one of which includes the correct size elastic and of course hot pink thread! Tomorrow early afternoon I will sew up the waistband and add the trim. Then I will go over to Grandma's and start on the poodle with all my leftover felt from previous projects! I still of course have to figure out what shirt she is going to wear with the skirt we just made cause I do not wanna go out and buy one, but I we will figure it out! lol

Materials before:

The skirt before:

and Grandma showing me how it is done: