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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

1. How is burping seen in your family? Is it rude? Humorous? Applauded? And do you ignore it, apologize or hide it? Okay, same questions for farting. (Come on, don’t be shy! We’ve all done it!)

LOL! This is a great question! :) In our house it is not viewed as rude to fart or burp unless it is at the dinner table! If you are sitting at the table we ask that you get up and at least go out of the room or to the bathroom to burp or fart! Most of the time we all laugh really hard and tease the one who dealt it, which is normally Princess! Man that girl can really let out a nasty and loud fart! lol We do of course expect the person who farted or burped to say "Excuse me", but that is about it!

2. How long was it from your first date until the proposal of marriage? How long until the wedding? What do you think the shortest amount of time is acceptable between the first date and being engaged and getting married?

We are not currently married and no serious proposal has been made so hum I guess I cannot answer the first or second questions! lol As far as how long I think is acceptable between the first date and getting engaged........I think some people know as early as 6months, but I think more like a year to 18months is a good time frame! As far as the time frame between the engagement and getting married that depends on a bunch of factors. Some include how long you have been dating, have you been living together, what your moral values and religious beliefs are etc etc.. I think 6months to a year is a good time frame for the time between getting engaged and having the ceremony.

3. What do you have in your glove compartment? Show us a picture!

Oh my gosh I have a mismatch of all kinds of things in my glove compartment! Off the top of my head without going to look I would say there is a First Aid Kit, the two books I am trying to read, tire gauge, razor, map, pens, notepad, my little zipper pouch with all kinds of stuff, roll of toilet paper, toothpicks and a hairbrush.

4. Which do you dislike most: pop-up ads or spam email? Do you think either “marketing” strategy is more effective than the other? Have you ever clicked on a pop-up ad or followed through with a spam email? What was the result?

Oh gosh I have to choose!?! Hummm I am gonna go with spam email because it has caused me the most trouble!
As far as the marketing strategy I think it is BS I am not clicking on much less buying anything from a pop up or spam email!! I have in the past clicked on pop ups with of course bad results usually I get some kind of virus or Trojan just depends. As far as spam email I have fallen for them on occasion, but never had any major effects!

Just this last week I was having issues with not receiving certain emails. I noticed that readers were leaving comments, but that I would not receive an email notifying me like I normally did. Also there were several important emails that just did not get to me so it had me thinking! By chance I accidentally clicked spam on one of the emails I needed and so I went to the spam folder to retrieve it. This is something I never do I usually just empty the spam folder without looking at the contents! Well there I found all the emails I had been looking for and more I had no idea were in there! I was NOT a happy camper and I still have no idea how or why those emails were filtered to the spam folder!!

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  1. LOL... your glove box was funny. You're ready for just about any emergency :-)

    Happy Monday!

  2. When it comes to the farting, and burping we are pretty much the same, and yeah I hate spam too, but pop-up can have viruses etc which can do nasty stuff to the PC so both are bad in my opinion.

    Have a great week ahead!

    My entry is here

    Please do stop by if you have a moment :)

  3. Hate spam more than pop ups. Very intrusive.

    My husband and I went to HS together but never dated. 5 yrs after graduation, we ran into each other buying smokes at a local store. After about a month decided to get married and were married the following year, 1 yr from the date we met at that store.
    19 yrs later...here we are!

    We burbs like pigs, all of us, at our house

  4. You definitely are prepared for anything at you house, LOL!