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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why, how and the mechanics of...........

So I am starting off running! lol I signed up for PayPerPost because I saw that there was a way to make money off of something I already did and enjoyed doing! I found out about it through a friend of mine who has done rather well with the company and that was enough for me too want to try it out! It's rather funny I started out in this endeavor thinking I would simply add the html to my livejournal or myspace blog, that is not quite how it has worked. lol

I soon realized that it would be a better idea to get my own hosted blog and that would lead to many many more opportunities! So I got my own blog obviously and went to working out all the kinks. I took my posts off my LJ and copied them here and went to posting! It's been several months now and I have learned SOOOOOOOOOO much while setting up this blog it is almost unreal!! I am very thankful that I was presented with this opportunity it has already taught me a lot! I do hope to finally make some blogging friends soon. I have joined a few communities and hopefully the longer I hang around the more friends I will make! :)