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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wrapped emotions!

The prompt:
"We are going to get more comfortable with ourselves. We are going to get to know our own face, appreciate it, recognize it and love it. Hold your camera at arm's length and shoot a photo of your face. Oh hush up, yes, get that close. Just face it, this is what everyone is looking at so breath deeply and take it.Upload the photo to your computer and with whatever photo editing software you are using de-saturate it, convert it to black and white. Lighten the image if necessary, make sure the image isn't too dark. Now take your pencil and trace over it...over and over and over. Every feature, every curve and line...trace over it. This is you."

My project:
At first I was really not thrilled with this week's prompt. I took about 5 photos before I got one that did not make me say "You do not look happy" in my mother's voice in my head LOL!

So this is the one I decided I would deal with:
You know after I desaturated and made the photo black and white I became happier with it. Then I realized I was really unhappy with how red my face has gotten over the years.

Here is the after:

It's kind of funny I really thought that this would end up with me feeling worse about myself, but that is not at all what I feel! Once I was done I was more focused on the fact that a lot of my lines were laugh lines and you know that makes me happy! :) I do have a lot of worry lines in between my eyebrows, but you know I can deal with that. lol

What I love about my face:
My eyes are one thing that I love about my face. You can really tell what I am thinking by my eyes well most of the time! ;)

I also love my dimples yes they have turned into huge craters on my face, but I love them anyway. I was all stressed about a year ago cause I had wrinkles around my dimples, my first wrinkles! I was not a happy camper then I realized they were me and they were from smiling soooo it had to be ok! lol

What I dislike:
I hate my NOSE ok I really do! It seems that after I was pregnancies my nose decided that it was not going back to normal size it was going to stay enormous!!! I also do not like my itty bitty lips they are like almost not even there! Despite all this I have to say I am really happy Melody put this out here this week! I needed this, it was an interesting experience to look over my face and trace over and over all the lines. It made me realize it is not so bad the aging process that as long as I am happy with myself it will all be ok! :)

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  1. You have very pretty eyes! That was the first thing I noticed in your photos. Thanks for sharing!


  2. You do have VERY pretty eyes and so happy looking like your ready to tell me a joke. Like your ready to brighten my day. That is really a beauty upon you.

  3. You have happy eyes. I love eyes and seem to always focus my attention on them when getting to know people.

    We all have those laugh lines, and those are good lines...not wrinkles at all. It's been wonderful to discover that as much as this project frightened each of us in the beginning, we all realized we are just fine with our faces. :)

  4. you are so pretty, and ilove the dimples, have ALWAYS wanted them

  5. so pretty. Love your smile and the smurck. Tells all about this project. LOL Your picture turned out great!

  6. I think you have a very happy face and happy is beautiful! I feel your pain on the thing lip thing... I have the same issue.

    Kim @ TheBitterBall