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Friday, November 30, 2007


Well today is the last day of NaBloPoMo and I am having mixed emotions about it ending! It has been really hard for me to post everyday as the challenge says even though I usually post everyday anyway! I find it kind of odd since I have to do it that makes it harder to want to do it and I find that this leaks into every area of my life. If it is something that I have to do than I procrastinate a whole lot more than with something I think of or want to get done. I am really trying to change this about myself so that things do not seem so overwhelming.

For example I have started going through all the things in my house and getting rid of all the possessions that we never use or look at that just take up space. I have donated so much stuff in the last few days it is unreal and I am so excited about how much clutter is gone from my living room and garage! I do not want my kids to grow up being all about the material things and so I feel I need to do this purge to show myself and them it is ok to just have the things you need with of course a few wants!

It is kind of funny with my kids watching me they have decided that they really do not want many of their toys anymore, that they really do not play much with them with the exceptions of a few things like the littlest pets shop stuff! They really only play dress up, read, make crafts and draw, play with the legos and the board games we have so I am thinking I will let them join in on the purge. It will be interesting to see the things they are willing to get rid of and I LOVE the fact that they are so willing to give to another child in need because we always donate the toys and such!