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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The letter "L"

Today's Alphabet Soup is brought to you by the Letter L.

Here are some things that begin with the letter "L" that bring me happiness, joy or that bring some much needed humor to my life!

Love: I think will be my first one because I really am showered in love everyday! I am very grateful for everyone in my life; my kiddos, family and friends. I truly am blessed with lots of love from the people in my life!

Lips: This can stand for my kiddos and the wonderful sweet kisses I get from them. Or it can stand for the lips of a long lost lover whom I miss terribly and cannot seem to make it all ok again.

Leaves: Right now this one enters my mind cause it is actually cold today here in Texas. As I walked across the street from my mother's earlier I noticed the leaves on the trees are finally starting to change color. On the trees in my front yard are leaves of red and yellow, they are so beautiful and it reminds me how much I LOVE the fall! :)

Lip balm: This time of the year I cannot live without my lip balm! lol I became addicted to Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm when I worked for my Aunt in Ruidoso, NM at her bath/beauty store. This stuff is awesome if you have never tried it check it out!

Listening: Gosh this is a big part of my life right now and in different ways! lol I am mom so of course I am hear to listen to anything and everything, be that much needed ear! Although I wish the kids would listen to me at least a little bit as much as I listen to them! lol

Laughter: Of course how could I forget this one! Laughter makes life so much more fun and I really need to slow down and laugh more often!

ETA: I left myself out! hahahaha My name is Leanne so that counts huh?!

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  1. Oh, I like your list! Thanks for joining in today.