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Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Madness

So I am finally feeling better today! I still have a cough, but I think my dizziness is gone YAY cross your fingers! lol Good thing to cause today was bill paying day and I had lots of stuff to catch up on after being sick since Halloween! It was a very productive day considering and that makes me happy! lol

I also went and picked up a box full of Halloween/dress up stuff for the kids from a local freecycler and man I am soo excited about all the cool new stuff! I got a crown, a parasol(sp?), a blow up sumo wrestler outfit(has broken zipper but easy enough to fix), a couple of capes, a flapper type dress and all kinds of neat odds and ends! :)

Freecycle is the most awesome thing you find people close to you to kind of swap with sort of kind of in a way. lol If you have not ever heard about Freecycle or want to know more check out this site: http://www.freecycle.org/