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Friday, November 16, 2007

Excuse me I have to vent a second!

So I have to vent for a moment I am so frustrated! So yesterday afternoon my glasses broke the piece that holds the lens in at the nose snapped. I took it to the place in town that repairs glasses and he quoted me $40 yes 40 bucks to sauter(sp?) them back in place! Ok personally that is a lot of money for me so I of course said nvm took the kids left and drove home half blind!! I made an appointment to see the doctor so I can get my glasses for this morning at 9am. The new glasses should be ready by Monday or Tuesday so hopefully my super glue job on them holds the next 4-5days(OMG)!

I get ready for my appointment this morning and start off for the office. I have not been driving 3minutes and my back tire blows!!!! What tha so I am a block from home on a major road, no cell phone so I drove it home really really slow! BAD IDEA!!! Now I cannot get the tire off the car cause I think I bent the rim cause I suck and am stupid!

Great so I now have missed my eye appoint for new glasses and possibly bent my rim trying to get home in time to call and reschedule! I did call and reschedule for today thank god and my mother is gonna take me! Nothing like having to call mommy at 31yrs old to take you to the doctor cause your car is broke!!!! So ok the doctor thing is fixed, but what about my car? I have a spare tire no rim and if the old rim is bent I obviously need a new one!

So I can go get new rim mount the tire I have to it, but how for the love of life do I get the damn tire off that is stuck on my car???? Please help me!!! lol Oh and then I come inside to go potty and got a visit by my Auntie Flow what's that??? I just need to breath!!! Did I mention this weekend is extremely busy, my sister is in town, I have two bday parties tomorrow one of which is my child's etc etc wow!

Alright I am done venting! Now to try and find some sanity and off to the doctor's office I go.......

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  1. Oh Gosh! I'm praying that it all works out!!!!!