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Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Madness

Well it is another Monday here and almost gone! It's been crazy as usual, but overall a pretty good day. I went to class this morning and then off to run errands. I got my new glasses adjusted cause they were driving me nuts and I tried to go get another tire put on my car, but that did not work out so well! I am not able to get new tires since my tires cost $150 EACH OMG so I am having to find used tires the type that goes on my car. I am finding that this is harder to do than I had originally thought. So the guy told me to come back Wed sooooo I of course will and hopefully they will have another one then it is only 2more tires to go! :) lol

Spunky has two bday parties already for the month of Dec and I am thinking jezzzz which do we go too? Do I take her to both and what if one of the other kids brings home an invitation? Wow this is just starting to be an issue in my house now that all three kids are in school and above pre-k age!

So I have some questions what do you about birthday parties for your children's friends during the school year? Do you take them to every party they want to go to even if you have multiple kids? Do you let them choose? Do you set a limit per month per kid? I am just curious and trying to figure out what rules to set now so there will be no problems later!

Alright well I have to get ready to go see my sweetie tonight soooo later all! Hope you have a great Monday! :)

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  1. I think that I would let my children decide which parties they really want to attend. Have a great week!!