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Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Madness!

Well today's madness has been of a different sort! The kids were all home from school due to Veteran's day and so it has of course been crazy! lol So I have a bit of a rant I am curious am I the only parent who has to practically deck scrub after every meal!?!! I mean there is so much food on the floor after they eat and all over the table etc it is ridiculous! Is it too much of me to ask that I don't have to sweep, mop and wipe down everything within a five foot radius after every meal? My kids are 5, 7 and 10yrs I mean they should be past this right? Do I get them to clean it up so they get it! UGH! Ok sorry had to get the out! LOL Any advice is appreciated! :)

Well on a happier note we got the new washer hooked up finally! We had some hose issues to work out and now all it is all good! YAY! :) :) We also got the girls school pictures in today and they are soo cute! The boy had his redone this last week cause he did not like the way his hair looked in the original picture! lol

I hope you all had a good Monday and Veteran's Day!


  1. I have a 8 y/o stepson and a 4 y/o son and neither of them are the cleanliest eater. I make them clean it up. If their mess is exceptionally huge, I make them clean up after my hubby and I as well. Seems to help. :)

  2. Yea I told them today after school that they would be cleaning up their mess after meals now and they were less than thrilled! LOL So we shall see if this helps a bit! Thanks for the comment I glad to know it worked for you gives me faith! :)