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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Down time!

"This week's prompt is simple. Go, spend time with your family. Do one little bitty special thing with your children or your spouse or your mother or your sibling or your pet. Even if it's just a great big extra squishy hug...do it. Enjoy your family in some small, yet tremendous moment. Then post a few words, a photo...whatever symbolizes the little joy you shared."

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This week has been especially challenging for me. Not only has it been Halloween and a week filled with lots of other activities, I have been really sick! I am finally today starting to feel a bit better and not having to sleep as much.

So I am going to use the cuddling time with the kids from Friday night as my Wrapped Emotion. We watched the Spongebob Halloween episodes we rented from Netflix and cuddled/tickled on the couch it was nice! I forget sometimes when things get all crazy how great it is too just sit back and relax with the kids! Sad really it takes me getting sick to slow down put things back into perspective right now!

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  1. It is tough for all of us to slow down. My two are 2 & 4 . Snuggle time is great!

  2. It does not get better than snuggle time to me. I'm sorry that it took getting sick to remember to snuggle, but happy to hear how much you guys loved it.

    Take care, get well.

  3. yay for cuddling! glad you're feeling better.