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Monday, November 5, 2007

My birthday! :)

My birthday was yesterday and it was a good day even with being sick!! :) I got to see my brother and Missy for awhile and received lots of good birthday wishes from everyone! I also got to talk to my sister finally!!! Who had tried to call me the night before to make sure she beat everyone else and was the first one to say Happy bday, but since I have been sick I was already in bed oopsss! lol
I got to cuddle with the kiddos and they gave me lots of nice pictures and cards throughout the day! Those are the best the handmade things from my babies! :) I got some good rest a 2hr nap at the end of the afternoon and we had homemade BBQ for dinner!

I got a really cute stuffed pig from my mom! hehehe To think I turned 31yrs old yesterday and my mom gives me a stuffed pig! lol I think he is my favorite gift and I named him Humphrey!
I also got the coolest pair of PJ's from my Dad, Missy and the kids check them out they are sooooo me! lol The pants are in the background and the top is pink! So this is now my new saying "I am not spoiled, I deserve all my stuff!!" LOL
Oh and I cannot forget this it is sooo cool it's a easel/picture frame! I cannot wait to figure out what photos to put inside of it! :)
Well that is enough of my tooting my own horn! I am so happy and blessed to have my family! :)