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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Neighbors suck part duex

You know I am sitting here thinking "Wow I have not really heard the neighbors dogs barking as much as I used too! Makes me wonder what is happening! lol I wonder if maybe someone else said something to them! Ok so the people on our right have been here for a few yrs and they are the most obnoxious self absorbed people!!! They come in all hours of the day and night thumping there music as loud as it can be, they drive down the road really really fast I worry about my kids, the guy chases my cat out of their yard for no reason, there dog oh gosh don't get me started!!

So I am curious and wondering how do you feel about your neighbors? Do you know all your neighbors? When you moved in did you introduce yourself?

Am I the only person who does not know their neighbors and really dislikes them? lol I almost feel like it is my fault for never going over there and saying "Hi I am so and so" bleh

Leave me comments please I need advice!!!

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  1. I know my neighbors only because I really choose to. I grew up in a close knit neighborhood in Milwaukee, WI ~ a very large city really but came away with great friends. So I wanted the same no matter where we were. Although neighbors like yours are annoying. I'd personally find out what the curfew/noise regulations are in your community and go from there. If there are laws against loud music late at night call the police...we have to do that every year for two weeks around 4th of July...I never call ON the 4th but any other day around then I do...