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Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Madness

I have not felt very good today and so I have not accomplished much or any of the things that I was supposed too! :( Basically this means tomorrow is going to be a crazy crazy day! I still have my grocery shopping to do for Thanksgiving and I need a few other basic things. I also have to sit down and figure out what we are all going to wear for dinner at Granddaddy's on Thanksgiving bleh!! The house is not a terrible mess, but it is not clean either gotta see if I can tackle that tomorrow also. I almost feel like my cold or whatever it was a few weeks ago is coming back and man that will be HORRIBLE! Ok sorry done whining!
On a side note while Emily was here she cut the girls hair. Princess of course will not have hers cut short no matter what so she just got a trim, but Spunky decided she wanted hers short. So Emily cut it too her shoulders it is cute, but I miss my babies hair! lol I did not actually get to take a before picture sooo here is a recent one!