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Friday, November 9, 2007

My little baby

Well things have been nuts around here as usual! lol Spunkmeister has been sick and is currently asleep on the couch after a long hard day. Poor thing I feel so bad for her she has the worst cough it just rocks through her whole body and you can see it hurts. This afternoon I took her grocery shopping with me since she has been at home sick and it was really a sweet experience. I initially thought ok let's just go get this done hopefully she will not be so cranky that it turns out horribly which sad to say does happen sometimes. This afternoon though she was so sweet she wanted me to walk close to the basket so that she could wrap her arms around me and lay her head on my chest as we shopped. It took me back to when she was little and we used to grocery shop with her in the sling and Princess in the shopping cart. The times she would cuddle close to me as I held her while we did our grocery shopping.

It made me happy and sad to think about how much she has grown this year and throughout her little life. Her body so warm next to mine as she held me close and asked me all her little questions about everything! :) She is such a sponge and full of life she wants to know everything. Today she was still full of life, but so much more reserved than her normal self which lets me know she really does feel badly. I love my children so much and it is at times like this afternoon I realize how quickly they are growing up and how I need to enjoy every single moment!