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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend fun!

This weekend has really been a lot of fun! Poor Spunky has been sick, but she has kept up with everyone else like a champ! :) Yesterday we hung out around the house, the kiddos helped me make these really terrible meatballs lol, they played outside and got all dirty while bouncing the new balls(they have dish washing soap in them so they bounce straight up not all crazy and they are nontoxic if they break open!) we got from the Container store, we watched Happy Feet, had ice cream and the best part for me at least was we went next door to their garage sale and got a new to me washing machine to replace the broken one! WOOHOO!!!! I am so incredibly excited I cannot even tell you! It has been two weeks without a washer in my house and let me tell you it was NO fun!!

Than today we went to a Birthday party for one of Spunky's friends from school! It was a blast, it turns out that it was a double party for her friend and his little brother so there were tons of kids. They had the party at a local park and we had hotdogs, chips, fruit, juice and all the good fixins it was yummy. They had a few activities I had never really thought of for a bday party and they were a hit with the kids and adults! They had the kids each decorate their own brown paper sack for the candy from the pinata with markers, crayons, stamps and those little foam stickers in shapes of flowers, dinos etc. They also had the kids make their own necklaces and such with the regular big colored beads, but they also had beads shaped like insects that were made out of the foam sticker stuff! lol If that made any sense it was really cool I cannot seem to find any pictures of them online.

At the end of the party they passed out these insect shaped masks to each child and my kids loved them. When we got home they had to have me take pictures of them in the front yard crawling around in the bushes acting like bugs! lol So below is the slideshow I made of today's pictures! NO neighborhood cats were harmed in the making of this slideshow! hehehe You will see our neighbors cat looking all freaked out by the kids in the pictures it was pretty funny! Well I hope you all enjoy the pics there are actually a few of me and that never happens! lol