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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tell Me Thursday

Monday evening Spunky and I went to Butler Park with one of my best friends and her kiddos. It was the first time we have gone and we had a wonderful time despite a tad bit of drama. I am just going to say I have no idea why young adults would even be at this fountain, but if they want to enjoy it they REALLY need to pay attention to the young children that are obviously going to be there, so they do not have to deal with Momma bears! lol

Spunky having fun!
A bit of the Austin skyline, we had a great view from the park.
Spunky with one of my best friend's daughters! They are one day apart in age and "S" and I actually reconnected in the hospital after they were born. You gotta love fate! :)
Having fun with the water and lights! :)
My all time FAVORITE photo of the night!
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  1. That looks like so much fun! I love those lights!

  2. I think all kids would love to go in that fountain with all those lights.

  3. Oh wow I love the lights! How fun!

  4. Wow, what great photos! Looks like a blast!