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Saturday, July 25, 2009

PhotoHunt: Utensils

Alright so you asked for Utensils and here are my Utensil drawers! lol They are totally disorganized and a mismatch of crud, my excuse is that the girls put up the dishes after they are dry! ;)

For more photos and this week's PhotoHunt check out: tnchick.com


  1. if i have a utensil drawer, it would look like that, too.:P

  2. ........yes, and neatness counts!! Good photos. I can't believe that everything looks so very organized.

    My photos are posted. See if you can find the 'eight' implements I used. If you can find time sometime today to stop by....

    Happy Saturday.

  3. You're drawer's are much better then mine!! LOL ;)