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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

"This is just a short meme meant to have some quick fun and not get too tedious. Every Monday we will post questions that we hope are a little thought provoking! Have Fun!"

This weeks meme: Covering all ends tattoos to Botox

1. Do you have a tattoo...?? If so What and where is it??
Yes I have two tattoos. One is on my outer left thigh it's a Lizard on a multicolored mushroom. The other is on my outer right ankle and it is a Scorpion because I am Scorpio. I LOVE them and I really really want more!

2. You have been offered a free Botox treatment...where do you have them put it?
Uhmmmmm nowhere I would never shoot myself up with botulism!

3. Do you have a good luck charm? What is it?
Yes, I have a beaded ribbon it hangs on my rear view mirror. My son made it a few years ago at school.

Do you think it works?
Yes I do, I like to think that it keeps us safe from harm.

4. When was the last time that you said something to someone that you REALLY wished you hadn't said?
Last night during a heated argument.

5. The bath water is running, the phone is ringing, the dog is barking and there is someone at the door.....what do you do?
I get into the bath and ignore them all! lol

6. Your best friend from high school just popped in from out of town. Do you offer them a place to stay or suggest a hotel?
I would treat them like I do most anyone I would suggest a good hotel in their price range. I am really not much into house guests.

7. Have you ever seen a ghost?
I do not think so......but I do believe!

8. Someone is driving in front of you rather erratically and slowing you way down...now you see that they are talking on a cell phone and checking themselves out in the mirror. The other lane is blocked off so you can not go around them. What do you do??
First off I HATE that and it happens a lot in the town I live in. I stay behind and try to fight the urge to cuss, tailgate and generally make an ass of myself although it does not always work.

Please come join in on the fun at Monday Crazy Questions!


  1. same here :) get on with my bath and ignore! hehehehe

  2. Definitely- ignore them all. They can send email or visit your blog to leave a comment :)


  3. No on the tatt. But I'd LOOOVE to get one!
    Yes on the ghost. It wasn't like a movie ghost, more like a shadow.

  4. I am always surprised when people have tattoos ..I don't know why.. My hubby has a tat and he got it from LA INK.......he loves it and I keep thinking I want one!!
    Great answers! Lani

  5. I would ignore everyone too.

    My answers are here.

    Have a great day!!