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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Queen's Meme

"The Culinary Meme: The Meaning of Thyme and Other Deep Questions!
This meme is all about using your imagination. Free your inner blogginess. Step outside the proverbial blox (that's blog + box for all you non-blog speakers). Answer these ridiculous situational questions and post them on your own blog. Here's the situation for today. We won't tell a soul. And remember: Don't end up in the dungeon."

1. If you could put thyme in a bottle, what is the first thing that you'd like to do?
Hummm I would like to pause it to get a hold of some issues that are happening right now.

2. Do eggs really crack or do they merely have a nervous breakdown?
I am thinking they just crack unless we are talking about the ones that are found already broken and those are the ones having a nervous breakdown!

3. Why are you whipping the butter?

Cause I like whipped butter!!

What did it ever do to you?
Well it definitely has not helped with my figure! lol

4. Do your spoons spoon in the drawer? Have you ever noticed? And more importantly, if wooden spoons spoon do they get splinters?
Yes my spoons spoon and I have noticed, in fact I caught them in the act just the other day! Of course they get splinters if they are not careful!!

5. You hear: "Dumpling, my Dumpling, come hither." The candles are lit, the fondue is dipping, the Godiva is pouring, the scallions are steaming and the music is playing.....but wait, the windows are open. Why did you close them?
Well mainly because I am loud and don't wanna disturb the neighbors plus my mom lives across the street!! lol

6. Do you need a recipe to cook or are you a bohemian chef?
Both honestly depends on the recipe and how many times I have cooked it before.

Show us your reckless and wild side in the kitchen. Don't have one? Here's a recipe I made just for you: You will need a spatula, a whisk, a gallon of Chardonnay, a banana and a rump roast. What is the name of your dish?
Chabanrumroast surprise!

7. After dinner, the dishes are so dirty that the dishwasher refuses to wash them.
What did they say?
I don't know much about pies but DAMN you make my banana cream.

8. Is your pot black?
I don't know is your pot black? Mine is usually green..... lol

9. What is the sexiest spice or condiment in your cabinet? What makes it so?
Paprika, cause it's red and spicy!

10. How much crock is really in your crock pot?
LOL! Quite a lot actually, just made a roast yesterday.

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  1. "...plus my mom lives across the street!!" That is fuuuuuunny!

  2. Number 7 is a hoot! Made me LOL. If my mom lived across the street I would have an excuse to keep her away!

  3. Butter helps no one's figure!! But it tastes so good!!!

  4. I love paprika too! Funny answers...Thanks for playing this week.