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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learning to read and all that Jazz!

I was in the kitchen making dinner this evening when I overheard Princess helping Spunky read her "Dick and Jane" book. It was just the cutest thing ever partly because I can hardly ever get Princess to help anyone do anything anymore without attitude. It's like all the nice bones in that child's body up and disappeared when she turned 8 ok well not all, but most! So I think it is awesome that she was having such a good time listening to and helping her little sister! :)

It was also very neat to listen to Spunky read. She can read the "Easy Reader" books pretty quickly now and is soon to be reading the bigger ones. She is doing SO much better than she was at the beginning of the year! I was beginning to worry until I kept reminding myself she is only 6yrs and in the First grade! lol I personally believe they expect way to much from the younger kids these days, but that is another rant all together!

Oh my gosh Spunky is so cute! She has been reading since she finished dinner almost an hour ago. She just came up to me and said "I can read now, I am so excited! I am going to do this everyday!". I am so happy for her she seems so excited to read now and I think that makes all the difference!