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Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 Word Thursdays :)

My youngest was diagnosed with Asthma this week and it has been scary for all of us. She has always been my perfectly healthy child(the only one) with no allergies to meds, no surgeries, no major issues at all until Tuesday! It caught me totally off guard considering the reason we went in was because she was having heart pains, which scared me completely to death!! Turns out they were chest pains not heart pains!!

I am glad that we know what is wrong and that it is something that is treatable, but it still does not make it any less scary for all of us. She has seen her brother deal with asthma, have attacks and all the things that he has to go through and with her only being 6yrs old that was weighing heavily on her little mind. So last night her and I sat down and had a big talk about what it means for her and I tried my best to calm her fears. It was really hard to watch her cry and explain to me why she was so scared especially I think because she is so little. So I thought is fitting to take a picture of her new cute "bear" spacer and her new inhaler!
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  1. Ohhhh, poor little one! But tell her it's really gonna be okay! My son AND daughter have asthma. When they were your daughters age, it was mild for my daughter, and moderate for my son. His was triggered by mold (spring and fall were horrible) and both triggered by colds of all things.

    Now they are teens and haven't used the nebulizer OR the inhalers for about 3-4 years.

    Also, my son is on Singulair. I swear by that stuff. It seems to really do a great job in prventing asthma attacks. Good luck to all of you!

  2. Oh no, that is really scary. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully the medicine will be easy to manage and she will do well with her cute inhaler.