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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Meme

1. What book is on your nightstand right now? What was the last book you read? How many books do you think you read in 2008?

Honestly I do not have any book on my nightstand. I have not been much of a reader in the past five or so years. I seem to have a serious issue with concentrating long enough to read anything more than a children's book. lol I honestly do not remember the last book I read. I am currently reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, it is actually my mom's book and I have been reading it for a few months now. I find it to be a very interesting and enlightening book to read. I do not think I read any book all the way through during 2008, but I did try to read several.

2. Name three blogfriends that have inspired you. Now please tell us how these blogfriends have inspired you.

Melody from Slurping Life has inspired me with her outlook on life and the way she so seamlessly appears to handle all life's ups and downs even with all that she has been handed!

Sheila from Ma Vie Folle has inspired me by just being herself! She has a way of making me think about things from a different POV and I love her awesome sense of humor! ;)

Carrie from Chocolate the Other white meat inspires me by being able to home school her children with the patience that I do not have, but wish I did. I also feel a connection with her because I too am Bipolar and that definitely makes you think of things from a whole other place.

3. How far do you live from the place where you grew up as a kid? Tell us about the place you grew up - would you choose to go back there and raise your own family (if you have one)? Why or why not?

LOL! Well I actually live not more than a mile from my childhood home, so I would and I am raising my family here. I love this neighborhood it is safe, small, conveniently located near all the things one needs and filled with all my childhood memories! IMO you just cannot get better than that!!

4. Finish this line: Absence makes the heart……(please do not say “grow fonder”.) How long do you think is ‘too long’ to be away from your loved ones?

Absence makes the heart long for the one it loves! I would say for me "too long" would be more than a few days. This past August I went out of town to visit a few of my girlfriends and was gone 4 days that was long enough for me. I was definitely homesick when I left even though I was sad to be leaving such wonderful friends behind.

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