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Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 Word Thursdays :)

Yesterday I took all three kids to the dentist at the same time. It is honestly easier that way because the office is a bit out of town for us and I would hate to have to drive it three separate times. It was not actually that frustrating this time, which is awesome! I love the new dentist's office it has a game room for the kids, a parent's lounge with a laptop, tv, coffee/tea etc. It rocks!! There were no cavities to be reported and they were all well behaved! The dentist's assistant joked with me about how Spunky is "full of personality" after she told them that she always brushes her teeth until they squeak!! lol

Honestly I have to tell you it was harder to get them all out of school in time to be at the appointment. The boy is in a different school this year and so I wrote him a note to give his teacher at the beginning of class so he could find out what to do. When I got there he was not where I asked him to meet me so of course I went off to the office. They let me know that he should have brought the note to them and then they would have had him meet me. One thing lead to another and off I drove to the other side of the school to see if he was waiting for me there and he was. So off we went to get the girls in the cold wet weather, did I mention that Texans cannot drive in cold wet weather.................. We get to the girl's school and of course they are not waiting in the office for us because you know that would be too easy! lol Since we were at least 10mins behind schedule, I was trying my best to hurry up and be careful all at the same time and we made it barely on time and all alive!
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  1. Great pic and post! I HATE going to the dentist with the kids. Mainly because it takes so long and costs so much (no insurance for dental). But it's only 2x a year...unless you have FOUR cavaties like MC did last time. I coulda rung her little neck. (gum chewer) lol.