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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I forgot about my son today.......

So today has been a buzz with activity and in the midst of it all I realize........I forgot to pick up the boy at school!! I dropped Jeremy off at the hospital, picked up both the girls and asked mom to make sure she intercepted the boy on his way home from the bus stop, so I had not forgotten anything right?

It took FOREVER in the hospital, Jeremy was there for two hours before he was seen by the doctor. Before you say that is not long we were there for a scheduled appointment so you would figure that he would not have to wait two hours to be seen. I dropped him off at 2:25 went to pick up the girls who I might add seem to think that they can do whatever they want on their walk to the car after school, but that is a different rant altogether......... We ran by the house so I could go pee cause I cannot seem to go more than 10mins without using the bathroom anymore! lol Than we were off to the hospital to pick up the man. We arrive, park in the garage, talk to the attendant about having our parking ticket validated and head off to the doctor's office. We walk in and I notice Jeremy is still sitting in his same spot so I ask "Have you seen the doctor yet?" and he gives me that look you know that look right? lol

So we hang out with him cause we have no where to be and I call mom to make sure the boy has made it off the bus and to her house. Oh did I mention we were in the basement so my cell would not work so I actually took the elevator up a few floors walked out of the building and then called mom. I let her know we were good and asked if he was there yet to which she responded "Is this a tutoring day?" all of the sudden I realized "Oh no is it Wednesday?"!!!! He has tutor today and has been sitting in front of the school for over an hour!!!! Now all at the same time I feel like the worst mom ever along with panic, horror, humor and a touch of OH FXXK!!! lol

Breath, breath I tell myself all while freaking out and practically running back to the elevator to figure out what to do next. I run down and let Jeremy know what is wrong and he says to me "Don't worry he is a big boy and I am sure he is fine, we will get him as soon as we leave." It is now 5:15pm he got out of tutor at 4pm and we are in the middle of town. 5 o'clock traffic is hell in Austin, Tx it will take us at least 30mins to get to him and that is IF we leave right now! So now the real freaking out begins because we have not yet gotten Jeremy's scripts or gone by to have his blood drawn! At this point I realize there is a courtesy phone on the wall behind us, THANK GOD! I use it to call mom to see if she can get a hold of my daddio, who should be on his way home and ask him to pick up the boy.

We did not leave the hospital till 6pm!!! I still had no idea if the boy had been picked up or was ok until the signal finally returned to my phone and I received my dad's voice mail letting me know all was ok! Whew!!! I went to pick him up at my mom's who is across the street and he let me know I was being silly for worrying like I did, but he is my first born and I think I will always worry at least a little bit. I cried when I picked him up, it was really pretty sad and I felt totally silly! I guess now I will try not to worry so much about the boy if he has to wait and I know to plan to spend more time at the hospital when Jeremy has these appointments!

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  1. Oh my gosh, LOL, I think we've all done that , so don't feel toooo bad. ha ha ha

    The above comment was from Sheila over at http://www.maviefolle.com/

    I was having issues with my last post so I had to delete it and I decided to move her comment here! lol