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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Morning Meme

Hi all, another week is just beginning and it is time for yet another weekly installment of the Monday Morning MeMe!! Karen asks the questions(in blue) and my answers follow(in black)!

1. You have just been hired to clean your own home, what is your first complaint?

Gosh I have to choose just one? I am telling you right from the start I am NOT a good housekeeper, never have been honestly. So I think my first complaint would have to be with the bathroom or the baseboards! Those always seem to need more attention than I have time or want to give!

2. Are you able to ignore a ringing telephone?
Yes I am able to ignore a ringing phone and I do it quite often.

How often do you allow a ringing phone to go to voice mail?
I almost always allow the phone to ring to VM unless it is the kids school, my mom or I am in an especially good mood.

Do you answer your cell phone, out in public, every time it rings? Or do you silence it and get back to it when you’re in a more private area?
I do not answer the cell phone every time it rings regardless of whether I am at home or in public. Although I am more likely to answer it if I am somewhere more private, but then again it depends on my mood more than anything else

How often would you say you’re on your home phone? Your cell phone? Do you like talking on the phone or do you view it as a necessary communication tool?

I am not really on the phone very much to be honest, I HATE it and view it only as a necessary communication tool!

3. When did you last go for a bike ride?
Hummm I think the last time I rode my bike was just a few weeks ago and I need to do it more often!

Do you own a bike?
Yes I do and I LOVE it!!

Do you encourage your children to ride bikes?
I do encourage my children to ride their bikes. Mainly because I think it gives you an awesome sense of accomplishment to learn how to ride and it is a wonderful way to get around, all the while getting some exercise while having fun! Funny part is my oldest refuses to learn to ride! He has had a bike for years now, but will NOT put forth the effort to ride it. It really bugs me I have to tell you.

Given the most popular New Year’s resolution of losing weight, would you consider putting bicycle riding as one of your exercise options? Why or why not?
I would definitely consider bike riding as an exercise option, I enjoy riding my bike A LOT more than walking that is for sure.

4. If you had to name a smell that always makes you nostalgic, what would it be?
As weird as this is going to sound the first thing that comes to mind is cigarette smoke outside on a cold winter day. I used to smoke way back when I was in high school and we were always outside crammed together to keep warm all while smoking during our lunch break. lol

What sorts of memories does the smell evoke?

When Jeremy is outside having his cig break in the winter months I like to go out there and join him just so I can smell the smoke. It takes me back to those good times when I was young and invincible, when all my troubles in the world were about homework, my latest boyfriend and who I was going to spend the night with that weekend! Otherwise I HATE cigarette smoke, go figure!

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  1. I'm right there with you on the phone thing -- I do NOT understand people who talk on the phone 24/7 ... yuck.

    Happy Monday!!

  2. I don't like cleaning the bathroom either.

  3. Happy Monday! I may not be the worse housekeeper in the world, but I have to admit it's REALLY easy to find other things to do!

    Have a great week :-)

  4. Oooh! Baseboards, that's a good one!