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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spunky, ADHD and advice

We found out that Spunky has ADHD this past Thursday. I have had my suspicions, but have kind of been in denial the past year or so. I really just thought that her personality was a bit more well spunky than the others. lol During the appointment we had a discussion about medication, behavior therapy and food allergies etc, but I left there feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have decided I am not putting my seven year old on medication until I have exhausted every other option although at the same time I know I feel better when I am taking my medication for my anxiety etc. So I am a bit torn.....

We have already cut out most artificial type foods in our house except for a few snacks and frozen juice pops. I am very careful with all my children as far as red food dye so I am curious if any of you have any advice as to what to try to cut out etc. We have a parent teacher conference tomorrow to discuss her progress and the whole ADHD situation. I do have a bunch of questions and suggestions for her so wish me luck.

We are at the beginning of this whole process so if you are willing to share your story or if you are comfortable giving advice I would appreciate it. My email if you would rather share privately please do so is phoenixxrises @ gmail dot com