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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Mud Warriors

Sunday afternoon it was STILL raining as it had been for almost a week. The backyard was covered in mud and the kids were driving me bonkers. At about 2pm I realized that it was raining really hard outside, but I had not seen any lightening or heard any thunder all day. So I said to the kids "Hey you guys wanna go play in the rain?" to which of course they responded YES!!! lol If you would like to see the original Wordless Wednesday photos please click here!

Here are Cameron and Princess moving the "bed project" out of the way of the mud pit!
Now the girls are moving the turtle out of the mud pit!
Princess after all the fun! lol
Both girls playing in the mud pit! lol
Cameron with the earthworm he found!
Spunky playing in the mud pit! :)
And after! lol for the original WW photo's and if you would like to join in the fun and tell the back story to your Wordless Wednesday post or just to read the stories behind others photos please visit Tell Me Thursday!Click here


  1. Wow.. a free spa treatment! Bet their skin is all refreshed! LOL Great photos.

  2. Looks like they had fun! What a great reminder to enjoy the weather in all its forms. It's been raining a lot here and we sometimes go play outside anyway! Although i haven't been brave enough to let them play in the mud (They're 3 and 1!)

  3. My goodness! I can't imagine what your bath tub looked like after this!

  4. Oh What Fun they must have had. What a wonderful way to live in the moment and enjoy the journey of life.