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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pita Pocket Sandwiches

We have been having lots of meat based dinners lately and Princess is not much of a meat eater soooo we made tonight's dinner specifically for her. Thank goodness my kids like veges! lol I was worried, but it's actually quite good!

I remember having a sandwich that was very similar to this when I would visit my grandmother. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

Here are just a few things you can put on the pita bread. Onion, Cheese, Tomato, Radishes, Jalapeno, Cucumber, Pepperoni, Bell peppers, Mushrooms, Bean sprouts, Alfalfa sprouts, Refried beans, Sour cream, Ranch dressing, Italian dressing.

Stuff your Pita pocket with any and or all the above ingredients that you like. Topped with either Sour cream, Ranch or Italian dressing and BAM there ya have it! :)