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Thursday, October 29, 2009

27 of 52

The girls and I at Amy's Baby shower this past weekend! We had a lot of fun, but as you can probably tell by our smiles, we were all a bit tired and irritable! lol :)
"52 Weeks is a year long challenge for YOU to be in a picture once a week for 52 weeks. We are always the ones behind the camera, this is YOUR chance to get out in front and be in the pictures with our family. Oh, you can just jump in now with 1 of 52, you're not getting off that easy! Now go take a picture!"

To join in on the 52 Weeks challenge or just to see some awesome photos visit Forever in Blue Jeans.


  1. Maybe irritable, but still cute!

  2. That is so cute, you still all have matching smiles. Tired and cute!

  3. I thought the same as Carin about the smiles... they look like you!