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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marathon Kids

Saturday morning was the opening of Marathon Kids here in Austin. It is a wonderful program and we have been participating since the boy was in the 2nd grade so for 6yrs now. The kids all love going to the opening because they receive a cool MK water bottle, a neat MK sticker, some other goodies and the UT athletes are there at the end to sign your shirt or water bottle it is pretty neat. It is also a great way to get the kids into exercise and keeping your body healthy. At the end of the year there is another ceremony and the kids receive Marathon Kids t-shirts and a medal for completing the year!

There was a bit of extra fun this year......I lost my keys at some point! When we got back to our car with all the goodies, raincoats, umbrella, windbreakers, water bottles etc I realized my keys were missing!!! !@##$@!#@#!@! is all I could think, but I remained very calm(I was so proud of myself!). So I wrapped up all the extras in Cameron's hoodie shoved them way under the car and off we hiked back to the field to find the keys! We went straight to the Lost and Found tent and low and behold they were there!!! THANK GOD! Twenty minutes later we were back in the car on the way home! lol
The kiddos before the opening run of Marathon Kids this Saturday!
The awesome view of the Capitol and downtown Austin.
Cameron and Princess waiting to run.
The field and all the organizers, you can even see the starting line plus the Whole Foods crew. Whole Foods helps to fund the program to help keep it free and running.
The kiddos after the mile run!
Spunky and Princess posing with the Blue Bear before we had our new red water bottles signed by some of the UT athletes. :)
A little bit about the program:
Throughout the year children in the grades K-5th are expected to run, walk, jog 26.2 miles. They can do these laps at school during Gym class or at home with their parents. They even have a program through the YMCA for children that live in not so great neighborhoods to be able to run there safely. The first mile of the year is run at the Marathon Kids opening ceremony and the final lap is run at the Marathon Kids closing ceremony.

Here is the link to the program in case you are interested in seeing if it is your area. You can also request that they bring to your area. http://www.marathonkids.org/

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful post about your family's experience at our free Austin Kick Off. So glad you found our car keys! And yes, kudos to Whole Foods Market, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, UT Athletes and more...for keeping the program free for our 72,000 registered Austin area children. Kay