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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

"10 Fads You Just Don’t Get"
  1. Low rise jeans (srsly I do NOT wanna see your panties or ass crack!)
  2. Fantasy Leagues
  3. Mini skirts with leggings
  4. William Hung
  5. Over sized sunglasses
  6. Botox
  7. Bratz Dolls
  8. Uggs
  9. The phrase, "That's Hot" (made famous by Paris Hilton)
  10. Thongs (Ouch!)
To play or just to see others answers please visit Ten on Tuesday!


  1. yeah, thongs. i never got that! :)

    my list is here: http://www.kidddesigns.com/2009/08/ten-on-tuesday-fads-i-just-dont-get.html

    but i only got to list 5. LoL.
    Enjoy the rest of the Day!

  2. I almost wrote about over-sized glasses but there are just so many others! And I like Paris Hilton hehehe