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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on the eyes.

We had the boy's eye doctor appoint this afternoon and he did really well with the eye patch even though he hated every minute of it. When we got to the doctor's office he asked me "Can I take this darn thing off now!?". I had to stop myself from laughing while I reminded him he needed to let the doctor take it off.

The doctor feels like his left eye is turning out quite a bit more than it should be. He wants to give it a bit more time so we made another appoint for the end of May to go back and he will decide then if he thinks surgery is what we need to do. This time he would only be shortening the muscle on the left eye since it is the one having issues.

I really hope he does not have to have the surgery again, but if he does this should be the last and I knew that there was a possibility that he would need a second surgery.