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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My adventure in San Antonio this weekend!

Gosh, I think it was three years ago in April, that I found a website I thought was just awesome! It was a totally different type of website than I had ever seen before, so I was intrigued. I had honestly never been on a real forum of any type and so this was going to be a totally new experience for me.

At some point this particular forum became the ultimate evil and a bunch of us broke off and formed a new forum for moms that was much more accepting. After a period of time there was again a forum split and yet another site was born. Even with all the drama and board splits a few of us have managed to keep a pretty healthy relationship at Our Mom Spot with a few exceptions! lol :)

I am SO glad that I joined the original evil forum, I have gotten to know several awesome women online that I have had the pleasure of being able to meet in person. Most recently, "Uhura" who was in San Antonio on business. We have "known" each other online for almost three years now and I was NERVOUS! I am pretty anxious when it comes to new situations and meeting new people. So I made sure not to talk myself out of going because I knew I would regret it if I did and you only live once right? So why miss an opportunity to meet someone who may end up being a good friend!

On the way to meet "Uhura" I stopped at New Braunfels Smokehouse the home of the BEST Beef Jerky in the world! I have been going to this particular restaurant/smokehouse since I was around six years old so it is nicet to see it every time I am able to go. It has changed so much it now has a drive through and the sit in part of the restaurant is gone. They have made more space for the kitchen and to sell the product in front. It is not far out of town, but I am never in that direction so it has been four years since I have had their beef jerky. I was incredibly excited!!!

Once I arrived in SA I met "Uhura" in the lobby of her hotel. I have to admit that I was shaking from the moment I pulled into the parking lot. I We gave each other a hug and a once over, it was the craziest thing ever! We had been planning this meet up for months, but it just never seemed really real to me until that moment! We jumped in the car and off we went to the Matamoros for lunch.
Here is a picture of the two of us after we ate lunch. We had the waiter take our picture! lol
After lunch we went shopping for a few essentials at Wally World.
Then off to the La Cantera Mall to do some real shopping!
The awesome outfit "Uhura" was able to find at 70% off @ the La Cantera Mall!

The wonderful smelling perfume sample we both received!

"Uhura" and I @ the hotel right before I left to go home. :(
On my way home leaving San Antonio and heading back to Austin. :(I had an awesome time and I am so glad that I went and did not let my nerves get the best of me!!! :)

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  1. I am also glad that I joined the original forum. I have met some really interesting folks who I would not have met otherwise-including you!

    It was really awesome spending time you. I had a blast!