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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

and it was supposed to rain today!

What do you do when your wants take over your rational brains thoughts?

I am really struggling with letting go of things that I cannot control and I am not sure how to quit obsessing over things I cannot change. Today has really been a not so good day. I did get a few things accomplished like I am almost done with the primer part of the bed frame and should be done with it tomorrow. We went on our walk earlier which is a good thing and it made me feel better to get out in the fresh air. I think I have been staying inside way to much and I will be making a conscious effort to go outside for longer more often.

I had a meeting with Spunky's (my youngest) teacher and the Vice Principal today to discuss how to help her focus better at school and talk about why she has such a hard time concentrating. Concentrating has always been an issue for her, but it has gotten much worse in the past months. I let them know that since she was diagnosed with asthma in late January we have been giving her the Albuterol treatments in the morning before school and maybe that was part of why she was so bouncy since it is a steroid. So I will be giving her the treatment after school to see if that helps.

She reads wonderfully and on grade level after working with her everyday the past few months. She is having issues with her spelling, following along in class and she still uses no chair during the day because she will not sit down so we discussed holding her back this next year. Also they suggested placing her in the second grade the first six weeks next year to see how she does and then going from there. We also had the ADHD talk and I let them know that until she was a bit older I did not want to label her with that because it could just be her age at this point. She after all six years old she will not be seven until August!! So come the end of May we shall see how her testing goes, until then we are going to be crossing our fingers and working on spelling!

I don't know it's just been one of those days and I think it might be bedtime! If you have read this whole thing than I applaud you and thanks for listening!