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Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Paddy's day epic fail..........

On Tuesday while making lunch I decided that since it was St Patrick's day I would turn the Ramen noodles green! The kids were all cool with it and they thought it was a really funny idea. So I added a few drops of green food coloring to the water and when the noodles were done cooking we had sort of green noodles. lol

Everything was going well until I added the beef flavoring to the water. Instantly the color totally changed it was now more of a baby poop green color.............I think I should have made chicken flavor since it is a lighter color. lol

Well here is a picture of my epic St Paddy's day failure #1
Alright so now that we are past lunch I will move on to the fun dinnertime epic failure which consists of Green Eggs and Green Ham! LOL! All I can say is I am glad my kids are adventurous they ate every bit and loved it!


  1. The green eggs and ham is SO NOT an epic fail! (My kids use that term all the time, so it was funny to see it here lol). Looks good! The soup? Yeah...baby poop. lol

  2. I think the fun is in the trying. This is very creative & your kids were probably happy!

    I say this is a win!