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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

So last week I said this "bed project" was going to be a two part tackle, but due to the weather in these parts it has turned into a three part tackle! This last week it has been so cold and rainy that we were not able to do anymore with the bed until yesterday afternoon.

Here is my sexy man today sanding more paint off the frame!
We were able to finally get almost all of the frame sanded yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow we will wash the frame and start to paint it with the primer.
Check back with my Tackle next week to see the finished project!

Find out more about Tackle It Tuesday here.


  1. Looks like you might be in for a lot of work, so hopefully the final product will be what you've imagined!! Have fun sanding, washing, and painting!!

  2. That is going to look awesome! Great tackle:-)