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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Meme

Hi all, another week is just beginning and it is time for yet another weekly installment of the Monday Morning MeMe!! Karen asks the questions(in blue) and my answers follow(in black)!

1. You’ve been invited on a talk show (which talk show?) to explain your job to the hosts.
I think if I had to pick any talk show to be a guest on I would have to pick The Montel Williams Show. Since it is no longer on TV, I will pick Oprah although she kinda freaks me out! lol

What would you say you do on a daily basis? (And yes, stay-at-home mom IS a job!)

Since I am a SAHM on a daily basis I cook, clean, organize, make appoints for multiple types of doctors and therapists, try to stay sane, grocery shop, run errands, take everyone to their appoints, breath, pick kids up after school and activities and whatever else may come my way!

2. What words do you hate?
There really are no words that I dislike or have a pet peeve about. I have much more of an issue with how words are said or the tone of voice that is used. I HATE it when I call the kids to come downstairs and they yell down "What!" that bugs me SO much! lol If I called you I want you to come here!

3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received.
"Try to find the humor in all things."

I cannot remember who told me this or if I read it somewhere, but it has really helped me when things start to go crazy. I try to think "Ok what about this is funny or ironic" and I try to let myself laugh!

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received.
"You should get married since you are pregnant, you need the insurance!" said by my dad when I got pregnant with the boy.

4. Bailout shmailout! What this country needs is less jobs outsourced to other countries!

Why does it need this specific thing?
"Outsourcing is bad because it destroys jobs for Americans. People who lose their jobs must now find a new job that they may not be as well qualified for as their old job. These people will also have more financial problems for some time which will slow down their spending on non-necessary things. This will hurt the economy in America as well as lower the quality of life for Americans.

With companies outsourcing they do not need to maintain as many facilities in the US and thus they are not taxed and thus the government does not make get money for the services it supplies. Also companies that outsource do not need to follow the same production requirements as those of companies staying in the US.

Outsourcing is good for some businesses not necessarily the economy or the American people"

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  1. I so agree about the job outsourcing!

  2. Ha! I agree....if I called you then I obviously want something!!!

  3. The rampant exporting of American jobs contributed to our current economic situation and the poor state of our ability to produce:

    We are no longer a country which makes things. We are a country of dumbed down conspicuous consumers.

  4. Great answers! I'm like you for #2. It's all about the tone of voice.