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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Computers suck!

My computer crashed last night and I am completely freaked out about it and wondering if any of you have any advice!?!

Here is what happened and I am going to be as detailed as possible just in case for some reason it is important.

*HD = Hard drive
*OS = Operating System

Last night I started my computer up in safe mode by going to start> run> msconfig> start in safe mode.

(the reason I did it this way is because I have had no success booting into safe mode any other way)

Than I restarted the computer. It of course came up in safe mode, but with no menu like I was expecting so that I could check out a few things cause I have been getting pop ups etc. So I restarted it thinking maybe the menu would come up this time, but instead when I click on the admin profile it keeps looping back around. Tried F9 to get it out of safe mode no go, tried to repair using the cd no go.

So went and got a new HD and OS. Took out old HD, put in new HD, installed OS on new HD, put old HD back into case and set it up as SLAVE.

Ok so now I can read both HD's and I can see that the old one still has the 63GB of info on it. It appears that I have all my program files, but I get a "access denied" error message when I try to access them. Everything from my profile on the computer seems to be there, but I cannot see it, only shared info.

I am freaking out all my pics, recipes, so much stuff is like stuck in some kind of computer limbo hell. If you have any idea what has happened plz email me and if not thanks for listening to me vent!

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  1. No idea, but I'd take it to any mom and pop computer repair place...they can get alllll your stuff off there for you.