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Friday, March 6, 2009

Full body case of Ringworm!

So today we were off to the doctor's office with Spunky in tow again! I think she has been in to the doctor almost twice a month the last few months and that is no fun! Monday she came home and told me she had some spots that were itchy and I of course checked them out. They looked like your typical bug bites and since she is highly allergic to bug bites, I figured a daily dose of Zyrtec and she would be fine in a few days.

Today though I received a call from the school nurse that she has a low grade fever and of course has these weird red spots. Now she had the chicken pox vaccine yrs ago so I thought no way, but maybe she has the chicken pox? Either way I made her an appointment for after school so we could see what the issue was especially if it was causing a fever.

Turns out she is covered in ringworm!!!!!

Now I mean like everywhere except the bottoms of her arms and legs cause she has been scratching and moving it all over. Poor little thing I did not realize how much it had spread until I had to slather almost her whole little body in Dipropionate Cream.

Leave it to one of my kids to manage to get a full body case of Ringworm!

So I am off to wash all the blankets, sheets and stuffed animals as well as both the cats since they are the most likely carriers! FUN STUFF!!


  1. Wow- full body ringworm!

    Poor baby...

  2. Holy CRAP! I don't know what else to say but holy crap! Hope you get rid of it soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, totally not fun. I hope she recovers quickly.