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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Morning all

my kitty Max has to go in today to be spayed. Now I do realize this is a necessary measure and something that should have been done a long time ago, but I am SO nervous! I feel kinda silly asking, but will you all please keep her and the doctors in your thoughts and prayers.

Well I am off to take her in and then off to the Dino Dig with the kids!


The surgery went well and she is back at home with us! I am now going to play the role of paranoid mommy while she spends the next 7-10 days healing. This whole experience has really made me feel icky and I do realize I am being a big baby, but I love her bunches!

She HATES the e-collar thing they told me to put on her and it freaks me out the way she acts when she has it on, but I do realize there is a need for it. Wow I think I only need male cats from here on out or ones that have already been fixed cause man I am way too much of a softy!

If you have ANY advice on having a newly fixed female cat plz comment and let me know what to do!!! This is the very first time I have had a cat spayed.