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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Movie Madness

I just want you all to know this is not a paid post I just really like movies and found this service to be awesome. :)

I am starting to have a love affair with Redbox! You know the big red kiosk's you see outside of grocery stores and fast food chains that rent you movies for $1 until 9pm the next evening. We used it for the first time a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the ease of the whole process. We have a location literally around the corner from our house so it is just as easy as our Netflix account is to retrieve from the mailbox. When we signed up we recieved a free rental code to use the next time we rented a movie and it has no expiration date! WOOHOO! Ok so that last sentence may seem silly, but I hate expiration dates they are a huge PITA!

So Monday I received this in an email from them:
"It's March Movie Madness for redbox, so get in the game… on Wednesdays! Visit redblog every Wednesday in March for your Free Movie Wednesday code. Then visit your local redbox kiosk for your FREE 1 NIGHT's RENTAL."

I mean seriously could it get any better! You and I can now receive a free rental from Redbox every Wednesday this month just go to Redblog and look for the post with the free code.

Also if you would like more freebies go to Redblog and Sign up for Free Movie Mondays with redbox SMS alerts and get a free code sent to your mobile phone every Monday!