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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter, Pooping Animals and silly Grandma's

My mom is one of those really cool Grandma's. You know the kind you can talk to about anything and you know that once she stops laughing, she will give you the best advice! ;) When she gave me these adorable pooping (candy) animals to give the kids for Easter, I was not surprised and I knew the kiddos would think they were hilarious!

So, when I gave them to the kids and got almost no reaction I thought maybe I had entered the twilight zone... Not one of them laughed or thought it was funny at all! In fact, quite the opposite, they all sat there quietly with a look of... shall I say disgust!?

 The infamous "pooping" animals!

When we got home we broke them out and that's when the kids started to act like maybe these might be pretty cool! I guess that in the package a candy pooping animal is not much fun, but out of the package it's a blast! lol

 Here is Bigfoot's Chicken in action!