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Monday, April 30, 2012

Are you Idiosyncratic?

1. Finish this sentence - The last movie I saw in the theater was...
The Lorax in 3D, we all loved it!!

2. Do you have any idiosyncrasies? 
OMGosh yes! The things on my desk have to sit a certain way and I will keep rearranging them until it's just so! I have to have at least four pillows to sleep... one on each side, under my head and between my knees! lol Also I cannot touch any kind of paper product while my hands are wet. Idk when or why this started, but if you ask my mother I have always been this way! Ok now that I have made myself look crazy, let's move on! ;)

3. What is your favorite clothing store to shop at? Avenue

4. What fun things do you have planned for the week ahead? 
My son's 15th bday is Thursday, but other than that it's a pretty quiet week! :)

5. Bonus question! If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do?

Come join in the fun! Visit Acting Balanced to check out Monday Quiz About Me!


  1. i would change my home in so many ways! but i guess #1 would be to have a bathtub! i'd also like a dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and more room!

  2. I would add one more bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.